Toyota to Use Whole Family of BMW Diesel Engines

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BMW’s diesel engines are some of the most advanced, efficient and powerful in the industry, and now they will be sharing the knowledge with partners Toyota, which has up until this point, kind-of ignored diesels as much as it could, beavering away with their hybrids that have the characteristic of being very appealing to some and downright repulsive to others.

The Japanese automaker has already seen this materialize, in the 1.6-liter D-4D Verso MPV/minivan that’s lifted straight from the MINI CooperD. AutoExpress reports that this engine scheme will extend to many other models, the next expected contenders being the Auris(hatchback or estate/wagon) and the RAV4 crossover.

The deal may, or may not be limited to 1.6-liter units, and larger 2.0-liter ones could also be passed on.

They should also somehow find the will to put one of those, from the latter category, under the bonnet of their Lexus IS and GS luxury models and finally start selling them to actual Europeans too, but wait, that would not be good for BMW, would it?