Ford to Offer 1.0L EcoBoost in European Models

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Ford to Offer 1.0L EcoBoost in European Models

Ford confirms its 1.0L 3-cyl. direct-injected turbocharged EcoBoost, taking its public bow at the Frankfurt auto show this week, will power European versions of the Focus C-car, C-Max and B-Max cross/utility vehicles.

The 1.0L, Ford’s smallest production engine ever, will be available in two versions in early 2012.

They will produce either 110 hp or 120 hp and come mated to 5- and 6-speed manual transmissions, respectively.

Ford does not reveal which version will power each of the announced vehicles, but it’s likely the smaller B-Max will receive the 110-hp engine.

Ford says the 1.0L will make its way to vehicles in other regions, including North America and China.

“By offering the Focus with an advanced small-displacement (gasoline) engine, Ford is not only making a major statement on how serious we are about engine downsizing, but it also shows the strength of our development and engineering capabilities,” says Graham Hoare, Ford of Europe’s executive director-powertrain.

Installed in the Focus, the 1.0L 3-cyl. delivers more power than the current 1.6L 4-cyl. gasoline engine, while emitting less than 120 g/km of carbon dioxide, the auto maker says.

Developed at Ford’s Dunton Technical Centre in the U.K., the 1.0L EcoBoost engine boasts a new compact, high-performance turbocharger that can reach 250,000 rpm and exhibits virtually no lag, the auto maker says.

In the 120-hp variant, peak torque of 125 lb.-ft. (170 Nm) will be available from 1,300-4,500 rpm.

The mill also features an exhaust manifold cast into the cylinder head, which lowers the temperature of the exhaust gases, enabling the engine to run on an optimum fuel-to-air ratio across a wider power band.

Fuel-economy numbers have yet to be announced, but Ford says a number of fuel-saving technologies, including a start/stop system and active-grille shutters, will be offered on the Focus and C-Max with the 1.0L EcoBoost.

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